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Red Carpet Appliance Care.

Select the cover that suits you, complete the forms, sign them and return them to us, we do the rest.

Cover your WHOLE Central Heating System from £9.90 pm.

Boiler people arrange cover for the Whole system with one easy plan, no multiple plans designed to confuse you, no gimmicks or dubious free offers, one plan, one price..Simple!!

So where is the catch? ...There isn't one, you are covered immediately (providing you have recently been covered by another company), you are covered for all parts, labour, call outs and it includes your annual service, we send you a letter to remind you that this is due, complete the forms below to apply. The cost for heating cover is £15.40 per month, s/o form is completed for your convenience, you only have to sign it and return by post or email. Your gas fire or wall heater can be covered too, these options are further down this page, any combination can be covered on request if not shown here.

Cover your Gas Fire, Wall Heater or Water Heater Here.

If you don't have central heating, or have a heating only boiler coupled with a water heater, or you only have gas fires, or wall heaters, Boiler people can arrange cover for those as well or instead, this option is for a single appliance, you can cover multiple appliances in the next section below. Single appliances are at a cost of £8.24 per month, the cover is the same, parts, labour and annual service are all covered under this.

Terms and conditions for single appliance cover can be found here.

Cover multiple appliances here.

You can cover your central heating system, your hot water heater, gas fire, wall heater or a any combination of the above in this section, any not listed please call us and we will send you the information by email, the t's & c's are the same and can be found here. Parts, labour and your annual service are all included as above.

If you prefer to pay for your cover in full, you can do so here by paypal or card.

Heating Cover £184.8

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Heating & 1 Appliance £261.69

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Gas Fire or other single appliance, not heating £98.89

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Heating & 2 Appliances £319

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2 Appliances, no Heating £197.78

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3 Gas fires or other single appliances, not heating £296.67

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